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Paint Protection Film Courses

Paint Protection Film Courses

Looking good is good business. While this saying is most often used in reference to fashion and personal physical appearance, the same, it may be argued, can be said for cars. Good grooming and maintenance is also important for cars.

Protecting the exteriors of vehicles ensures that they stay free of cracks, rust, and discoloration caused by exposure to water, dirt, and debris. While waxing and other methods can be used to achieve this effect, paint protection films have attained prominence as the tool of choice for protecting cars. In this article, we discuss facts about paint protection films and why you should sign up for our paint protection film courses.

What are paint protection films?

Paint protection films (PPF) are thin and transparent materials made of polymer or similar materials which is applied as a shell or skin over the surfaces of car paint. This shell acts as protection against objects that scratch the car's surface. First used to protect military vehicles during the Vietnam War, PPF is now widely used to protect civilian cars.

Paint Protection Film Courses

What You Stand to Learn from Us

Auto Detail School offers auto detailing classes which include Paint Protection Film courses. Here are some things that what we teach our students regarding PPF installation.

Types of Film to Use

Although originally produced by the American company 3M, there are many other brands today that also manufacture the product. These products include the Clear Mask, Invisible Shield and Clear Bra. These various films differ based on capacity and features. In our car detailing training program, we teach our students how to identify the best PPF product to use when working on various types of paint.

How to Apply PPF

Many car owners may be tempted to apply their PPF on their cars themselves following one of the many "do-it-yourself" guides on the internet. However, this approach can be counterproductive as the processes involved in installing PPF can be quite complex and delicate. For example, overstretching the film can lead to unsightly stretch marks appearing on your car.

In our best auto detailing class, our tutors teach trainees how to cut out, stretch and apply PPF without making such mistakes.

How to Remove PPF Correctly

When you learn automotive detailing online from us, you will be taught how to remove PPF films if need be without damaging the car paint.

Sign up With the Leading Auto Detailing Training School

Have you been looking for a highly-rated auto detailing that offers the best training programs? Auto Detail School should be the first name on your mind. Our founder, Mel Craig, has been in the auto detailing and automotive appearance business for almost five decades. He understands what your training program should offer to set you up for success.

When you train with us, you're guaranteed hands-on training and mentorship in a top-class, accredited training facility. We'll take you through everything you need to get certified by the relevant boards. Sign up today and start your journey towards becoming an auto detailing pro.

Paint Protection Film Courses
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Paint Protection Film Courses
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