Standard Automobile Towing Service in Corpus Christi

They say that there is a time and place for everything. In Corpus Christi, Jeff’s Towing is your go-to company for towing small cars as well as large ones. Jeff’s Towing provides great service at competitive prices and will come out on short notice of the customer’s needs if possible.

Towing a regular-sized car can be done by most people, but to safely tow a smaller car you need special training and equipment because of their size and potential dangers involved with towing them. “It definitely takes more skill than just hooking up a larger vehicle”

Jeff Jeffers also stated that smaller cars, such as Hondas and Toyotas – which are the most popular – sometimes need specialist training because of their size and placement of the gas tank. Jeff Jeffers recommends towing companies having a specialty license for regular-sized cars before attempting to tow small ones.

Another special tool required is an adjustable head strap, so the chain does not slip or damage any part of your car during or after towing. Jeff Jeffers says he has seen other straps rip the paint off cars, even causing thousands in damage if not towed correctly. Jeff warns against towing with straps that are not adjustable because it puts the car being towed in danger, Jeff said “if you can’t adjust that strap, then don’t try it!.”

Jeff’s Towing Corpus Christi is the #1 choice for professional tow truck drivers in Corpus Christi, Texas. Jeff Jeffers has over 20 years of experience with his company and knows every trick in the book when working with small cars or large heavy-duty equipment. Contact Jeff’s Towing today at 361-444-7649 if you need assistance towing your regular-sized car or small car!


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